Tuesday, March 15, 2016

update on technology... and computers

So sometimes you can get away with using the same technology for years and years without any problems.  Sometimes things start failing and you have to move on. 
An update on my computer:  After trying to troubleshoot through the problems of my computer and several friends trying to help with the issues (thank you Jake, Erich, and David!), I was able to reinstall Windows and repair the non functioning computer, but after weeks of this being down and frustrated with the possibility that this would not be resurrected, I bought a Mac Pro and Pro Tools 12 to keep the studio running for another eon (hopefully at least another 10 year run with the new computer). 
I still am using the computer strictly as a multitrack recording device.  After some work-a-rounds, I was able to get my Mixed Logic M24 control surface to work with OS10.9.5 and the HUI protocol in Pro Tools. 
The best part about this is that I didn't lose any of my work.  I have it all backed up and all the PTS sessions open in Pro Tools 12.  The only thing that I lost was a few plugins, but I have been accustom to only using compressor, EQ, and gate plug ins.  Most heavily processed sounds are printed to a track and use outboard effects.  I also don' use virtual instruments and in the few instances that I did, I ended up printing them to an audio track.  This way, the sessions and stems are transferrable to any platform and not limited to a specific version of a program or system.
So now, I am transferring all of the working sessions of unfinished work into the new system and adding new compressors, EQ, and gates, where needed.

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