My name is Jon Sonnenberg.  I have been creating music and been obsessed with electronic music for most of my life.  Through music, I have met and continue to meet a lot of great people.  Music has opened up a lot of great opportunities.  I have a number of CD's behind me and plan to release more in the future.  I have performed all over the continental United States, and have done shows in Canada and Mexico.  I have opened up for bands such as The Human League, The Legendary Pink Dots, Anything Box, Joy Electric, Solvent, and more.  I have performed at both small clubs and large festivals.  I have been on compilations  with bands such as Gary Numan, The Normal, Ladytron, Fad Gadget, among others.  I am featured in the modular synthesizer documentary, "I Dream of Wires".  I have composed for, recorded, produced, remixed, and been a part of several bands including House of Wires, Pivot Clowj, The Autumns, Midsummer, Optic Rain, Strychnine Kiss, Joy Electric, Tyrone Wells, Brian Campbell, and many others.  In addition to my own album releases, I have composed music for video games, film, art galleries, and fashion shows.

Often, I find myself designing and building devices or instruments that I need to have in my studio, mostly because they are not commercially available and I see a need or use for them. These things I tend to make only for myself.  Some of these have been documented, shown, filmed, or talked about and I have had a lot of good feedback to these inventions (like the Magnetic Table, ARM, Acoustic Drum Triggers, etc); others are either in development or things that I consider "top secret".  I usually have many projects in the works at any given time... The main question that I am always asked is "are these available for sale?".   One thing that I am not very good at is marketing and capitalism, plus there is a part of me that loves the idea of people like Hugh Le Caine, Raymond Scott, etc, who not only made music, but invented the instruments or devices on which they make it.  To me, it makes the music more personal and intimate in a way.