Friday, February 19, 2016

Concerning Home Recording Technology

Concerning technology, we live in a world where everyone wants the newest toys with the newest features.  It is not uncommon for people to have 2 or 3 unused, older computers sitting in the corner of their closet or basement.  It is also common for people to constantly update the software that they have, hoping to have the latest and greatest programs and app’s.
While I am not exempt to having an unused computer or old phone lying around, I find myself often trying to get the most use out of everything I buy.
I have been under the philosophy for a while that it is better to use snapshots of technology, rather than a continuously evolving platform.  What I mean by this is that if you buy a device that is equipped for a certain operating system and certain versions of programs, it is better to not update that device and keep using it in its optimal state as its own thing.  Later, when you wish to update some programs, it will be time to buy the next hardware device/operating system and thus the next snapshot of technology.   The downside to my philosophy is that instead of gradual fees here and there, there is one huge fee every time you want to update or upgrade your system.  Of course, updates are far less frequent using this method.  Another disadvantage is that you don't have all the new features all of the time. The advantage is that you have a system where the software and hardware were written around the same time for each other and everything seems to work together in a seamless manner.  Another advantage is you don't have older programs failing to work under a new driver or new OS.  Also as an advantage, it is less expensive overall to update only when necessary rather than consistently.
Recently my studio computer died.   I didn’t lose any information because all my projects are backed up - and besides, I don’t believe that the hard drive has anything to do with the failure.  It has been a solid system for many years.  It has never seen the internet so I know that viruses have not infected any part of it – the only failure that could have happened is a hardware failure.  It is most likely the power supply or motherboard.  It may be a simple fix and continue to be a solid system for many more years… I debated whether it is time for me to replace this and upgrade everything.  I have been leaning more toward repairing my system rather than building up a new system.  One of the reasons for this is that all the parts are still available in new/old stock and they are not old enough yet to be identified as vintage, demanding high prices, so I can get into another system for a very attractive price.  In fact, it is so attractive, that I am considering building a full-on second duplicate system to keep around in case something goes down or fails – then I can just plug in the alternate system and continue to record and work. 
I will eventually buy a new computer system and new tools to work with.  Programs are always advancing and I am continually impressed by what I see coming out.  That will be something to look
Some people have told me that I “cracked the consumer/commercial system” or that I am the “exception to consumerism”.  While these might be true, I certainly do not intentionally do this to shake my fist at corporate America.  If anything, I just want a system that is reliable and familiar and allows me to accomplish what I love to do:  make music.   

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