Friday, March 20, 2015


I rarely have sold anything.  Most of what I have, I have accumulated over a period of 28 years or so.  Most of what I have sold has been redundant.  Where there was a time that I could use 2 Juno-60's DCB'd together, multitracking and sequencing made a second Juno redundant and it was sold to a friend.
I also like to have everything set up so that I can just turn it on and play it.  If it is in "storage" or in the corner collecting dust, I question why I should have that piece of gear in the first place.  Although the studio is a collection, I don't consider myself a "collector", but rather a musician that likes to have options open.  Gear is always placed in a position where it is ergonomically useful.  Sequencers are placed next to the pieces of gear that they will be most likely used with.   To me, this is a very important detail in studio organization.

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