Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Freedom is the Edging to the Garden on the Right

I am one for long titles.  I like how a sentence is a complete idea.  Take any of the words out and it is no longer that same idea.  My album "it's not as if it were the end of the world... that was yesterday" is often too long for people to even reference.  Same with my song "Freedom is the Edging to the Garden on the Right". 

A few months ago, I played a quadraphonic show at the Rubber City Noise Cave in Akron.  The show was a blast and sounded great in quad.  Obviously, you cannot recreate the experience showing a video uploaded to Youtube, but here is a live version of  Freedom...  ...   ...  ...  from that performance.

Thanks to my friend Michael Toth for capturing this footage and uploading this to Youtube.

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