Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Setting up a new workspace


 As I put back together the studio, I am rearranging and reorganizing - mostly because I would like to have all the modular equipment closer together and have minimal gaps inbetween the different modular synthesizers that I own.  Here is how I made my own stand that will allow all the equipment to be at the same angle, regardless of size or shape.  I do this by first making a plywood table - reinforced by 2"x3"s, with aluminum tubing for the legs (this table is sturdy enough to support my weight, so I know that it won't have a problem with the modular synths)  I figure out what angles that I would like the equipment to rest and make patterns for each piece of equipment.  Next, I cut out pairs of wooden shapes based on the template patterns to be used as arms for the equipment to rest on - these are shown in the photos on the left.  The pairs are linked together with a short length of 2"x3".  At first, they are loose and moveable.  Equipment is placed on them and they are moved into the desired position.  Each pair of shapes is then fastened to the plywood table with screws.  Finally, the entire thing gets 2 coats of black paint and 2 coats of polyurethane.

After everything is fully dried, I am able to place the equipment back on the racks.  I put a hacked ultimate support stand inbetween the Modcan and systems. 


  1. Wow! That's beautiful! I'm very impressed. It reminds me of something out of a 60s IBM advertisement. Also, when did you get so many modulars and rack mounts? I thought you only had three or four. Where did all the synths go?

  2. The bottom jpeg is a compilation of 3 photos. The two on the right almost look like they are part of the same room and make it look like much more than it is - this was not intentional, but in reality, there are 4 full modular systems (Aries,, Modcan, Monolith II) plus a Eurorack that I have started, plus a panel of multiples, switches, etc, plus all the additional boxes and extras on the bottom row. I am still setting up the synthesizers and should have more photos soon.