Friday, November 13, 2020

Promoting Promo ting Promo thing.

Travelogue 'Death of Conversation' needs your help in promotion!  There are several ways you can help outside of purchasing the album:

1.  Tell your friends about it.  

2.  Streaming counts.  If you are out-and-about or at work and have access to Pandora, Apple Music, Youtube music, etc, find the album and stream it... or even create a channel for it.

3.  Post comments and reviews where applicable.

4.  Let me know of any radio shows, magazines, or blogs that you think that I should contact.

5. Share, like, and subscribe to channels on Youtube, this blog, Soundcloud, Facebook, etc.

Thank you!  and especially thank you if you are already doing even one of the things listed above.

-Jon S.

1 comment:

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