Tuesday, June 9, 2020

My Involvement with Earthquaker Devices Afterneath and Interview

Through connections with several friends who work at EarthQuaker Devices and my work at Circle Prime Mfg., Inc. with electronics, I was asked to be involved with the Earthquaker Afterneath translation into a Eurorack module.  Having worked on revising some PCB layout for earlier versions of the Afterneath for them, I was already a huge fan of the pedal and what it does.  In fact, I own 2 of the Version 1's.  I had this idea that quantization over the drag control would be really cool and useful.  You could, for instance, have the reverb tail shift into another melody as it decays, have an envelope or LFO shift the octaves around, or have a sequencer play the reverb in complimentary and interesting ways to your melody lines.   Here is a nice video that EQD put together where I am interviewed about this along side Jamie Stillman.


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