Friday, May 18, 2018

Travelogue Live Video

So this video is compiled from the 3 shows that I performed back in November with Sound of Ceres.  For each of the shows, at least 2 cameras were recording footage.  The audio from each of the shows were recorded into a 4 channel recorder (2 stereo ambient/audience/room microphones, 1 vocal feed, and 1 feed of the live instruments).  These recordings were added to the backing track Protools session, where all in all, the 12 live tracks/takes and 30 backing tracks were combined into 1 mix of my favorite moments/sounds in the concert.  With this initial rough mix, I had my friend Jeff Mackey edit the video.  From this point, there was a lot of back and forth - editing this, cutting that, changing from this audio track to that audio track, changing from this video track to that video track, editing color and such that all the footage looks congruent.

After a few months of back and forth editing, I am proud to present this TRAVELOGUE LIVE video:

Please watch this, comment, like, and subscribe.  If you really like this and would like to get high quality MP3s of these versions, just do one of 2 things:  1) post this video in a public place(FB, blog, etc)  or 2) talk about this video in a public place (forum, FB, message board, etc) - and be sure to send me an email showing the proof of this - then I will send a link to download the files.  (the files are being mixed separately and will be in mastering soon - should be available by mid-June)

Also, please know that I intend to upload the individual videos of each song eventually so if there is a moment that you want to watch again or refer to, the individual vids should be up soon.

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