Saturday, May 25, 2013


So my studio is called Ka-Boom.  I have been calling it that since 1991 or so.  Even though the equipment seems to divide, move, and multiply, the space in which I work is still called Ka-Boom.

Originally, the name came from the chaos of my recording space.  my collection of synthesizers, drum machines, and mixers shared space with my bed, clothes, records, books, dressers, mannequins, etc, etc.   There was one point, where I had bought a mixer off of my friend Matt and it was so large, that it blocked the door to my room and I would have to crawl under it to get into the space.

I think that subliminally, the name Ka-Boom was also influenced by one of my heros at the time, Edward Ka-Spel, singer of the Legendary Pink Dots.  My studio needed a hyphenated name, much like the singer of my favorite band from that era of my life.

I am so glad that those days are behind me... or are they?

The studio continues to expand and change, with the latest additions:  an Emulator IV rackmount, an Oberheim OB1, an Archangel Sequencer, and an Octave Catstick.  Also, a Marshall halfstack and Mesa Boogie half stack are currently being borrowed from my friend Myk.


  1. You got an Octave Catstick? That's so cool! How is it? You don't see those too often.

  2. I bought it very recently and was fortunate enough to get one literally new in box/ old stock, complete with warranty card!!

    I had wnted one for years. It fully beats my expectations and i plan on dedicating a blog entry about it in the near future!