Saturday, November 3, 2012

Acoustic Panels


I made some acoustic panels to reduce reflections in the studio.  Here are some photos of the process.  I started with ordering Owens Corning 703 2" fiberglass sheets.  I made frames out of 1"x4" lengths of wood as shown in the photo on the left.  This type of fiberglass is very stiff and the frames need to be cut so that the sheets fit snug.
Once the frames were done, material was stretched across each of the panels., then stapled into place.  The fiberglass was then inserted into each of these and hanging wire was attached.
The photo on the right shows the finished panels. For the most part, these are placed so that minimal reflections are heard when I am sitting in front of the mixing board.  I place one of these panels next to each of the speakers, then one on the ceiling.  These want to be placed in a position so that if you put a mirror in their place and sit where you will be doing most of your listening, you should see the speakers/sound-source though the mirror.

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