Monday, June 22, 2020

A BIG THANK YOU to traveloguefans

I know that message forums go in waves.  Even for topics that I care a lot about doesn't mean that I will check on forum posts and discussions on a regular basis.

I wanted to state that I am deeply thankful for people who read this blog. Thank you.

I also wanted to say thank you to the persons responsible for keeping up as long as they did.  I was deeply moved that the forum was started by fans - especially since I am very bad at self promotion.  I know that posts had faded and I started using other forums (Facebook or this blog, for example) to post updates.  I hope that those who were involved with traveloguefans know how much I appreciated their commitment and questions over the years and I hope that they continue to comment or reach out through emails, comments, and support.

Now that a new album is on it's way, I will be posting most of my updates here.  Please feel free to comment, share questions, or direct email me any thoughts or discussions regarding this.

If there is a place or space where you would like for me to  share thoughts on, or promote the new album, please let me know.  With such a big world wide web, it is easy to forget or neglect sites and places that are important.


  1. Ah, I was wondering why the forum was giving me a 403 error...

    Very much looking forward to the new album, though. I've really liked the snippets on Soundcloud!

  2. Nice cover for the new album Jon! When is the release?
    All the best!

  3. Didn't read well enough, sorry. Vinyl release sometime in august.

  4. There have been some delays with the printing process of the record. The vinyl has been pressed but it looks like mid to end of September by the time I have it available on my site for ordering. I have not stated an official release date because I wasn't sure how covid would affect things. When I have a solid date, it will be announced. Thank you for your enthusiasm and for your patience.