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BTW, the Travelogue album "Fireworks" is available for sale on vinyl even though it is not listed below.  Shipping really varies for getting vinyl around the country/world, so if you are interested in this, I email me with your address via my contacts page, and I will get you a price based on this information.

Some titles and compilations might only be available through Plastiq Musiq: 

MP3s for the following albums are available online as well.

I have posted 3 new digital releases...  there are 3 different volumes of soundtracks that I have composed for video games, available for purchase through Bandcamp or iTunes.


The Noise is only Temporary:

This is also available in the iTunes store.

Imaginary Hospitals

This is also available in the iTunes store.

For physical copies of CD's, orders can be placed right here via PayPal or major credit card. You do NOT have to have a PayPal account to use the shopping cart on this page. Just click the "add to cart" buttons, and when you are finished shopping, follow the instructions in the pop-up window to complete your order.

If you would like to order with a personal check, money order, or cleverly hidden cash, email

Shipping instructions: If you order more than 1 CD (with the exception of the Pivot Clowj CD / cassette combination package), then I will waive shipping costs if it is within the US or Canada - otherwise, please "add to cart" the $2.00 Single Item Shipping Cost if you only want to order a single CD. FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE OF THE US AND CANADA, first place the order, then I will contact you regarding any additional shipping costs.

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Single Item Shipping Cost (for US/Can)- $2.00  
(note that this charge will appear as a line item and not as a shipping charge)

Travelogue: "The Noise is only Temporary" CD - $10.00    

Jon Sonnenberg: "Acoustic Selections" CD - $10.00    

Jon Sonnenberg/split CD with Israel Slick: "The Prometheus Project" CD - $10.00    

Travelogue: "Imaginary Hospitals" CD - $8.00    

Travelogue: "The Art of Conversation" CD - $8.00    

Pivot Clowj: "The Fish who could swallow the Sea" CD with cassette - $12.00 (includes shipping and is not waived for this item with the multiple CD order)