Sunday, December 13, 2020

Remix of 'All This Blood Adds Up'

 I finished another remix and posted it here for your listening enjoyment.

The original version can be found on my album 'Death of Conversation'.

Friday, November 13, 2020

Promoting Promo ting Promo thing.

Travelogue 'Death of Conversation' needs your help in promotion!  There are several ways you can help outside of purchasing the album:

1.  Tell your friends about it.  

2.  Streaming counts.  If you are out-and-about or at work and have access to Pandora, Apple Music, Youtube music, etc, find the album and stream it... or even create a channel for it.

3.  Post comments and reviews where applicable.

4.  Let me know of any radio shows, magazines, or blogs that you think that I should contact.

5. Share, like, and subscribe to channels on Youtube, this blog, Soundcloud, Facebook, etc.

Thank you!  and especially thank you if you are already doing even one of the things listed above.

-Jon S.

Friday, November 6, 2020

A new remix: Love is Changing Hearts

 Here is a remix that my good friend Steve Madsen made for me.

 If the link doesn't work below, then you can find it on my soundcloud page:

I have worked with Steve on and off throughout the years, playing in each others bands,  He was in Optic Rain among a slew of other bands since and remains a great friend to this day.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Thank you Ronnie Martin for the kind words on Facebook

 Ronnie Martin (Joy Electric/Said Fantasy) said this about Death of Conversation:

'One of my dearest friends, Jon Sonnenberg, just released a new album that has been years in the making, and so worth the wait.  A sonic visionary if ever there was one'.

I am very touched by the encouragement, support, and enthusiasm over the years.  Thank you!

Thank you Claude S for mentioning Death of Conversation on Quaranstream #27!

 I was very touched that Claude S.(Anything Box, The Diary) mentioned my new album, "Death of Conversation" in his Quaranstream #27.  

You can see the full stream here:

I am mentioned around 1:14, but his entire stream and others of his are very fun to listen to, especially for fans of Anything Box (which I have been one since I was just out of High School).  Claude remains a great friend and has been a huge influence and encouragement over the years, even to the point of loaning me DAT recorders for early Pivot Clowj material that we recorded. 

Thank you Claude!

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Thank you to everyone who has bought the new album!

 Thank you all for your encouragement and support in buying the new album.  If you only stream music these days, you are in luck...

Death of Conversation has been added to most major streaming services!!!!  Please be sure to listen as much as possible, leave feedback and reviews, and tell your friends!

Friday, October 2, 2020

a note about digital files and such... Vinyl

 Just a note to let everyone know that the Death of Conversation vinyl DOES come with a digital download card and DOES include all of the same files that are on the bandcamp page.  If you have ordered both (and I know one or two of you have), then I would be happy to return the funds to you.  If you were happy to just get the tracks ahead of receiving the vinyl and couldn't wait! then it is your choice whether you want me to refund your download costs or not.  I leave it up to you but more than anything, I want to be fair.

Also know that although the Fireworks vinyl does not come with a card, I do send the files out via email when I send out vinyls.  If you have ordered the Fireworks vinyl in the past and did not get the digital files, then please contact me and I can get those to you.

thank you, 

Jon S.