Saturday, December 28, 2019

music is like cooking

I equate recording and producing songs to a good recipe.  Not everyone is going to love the flavors, but some things are basics - rhythm, chord, melodies: these ideas are the basic elements.   Ingredients and spices make up the details in the formula - like types of instruments used, how they are recorded, cut/edited or looped or taken as organic, etc, etc...

Sounds and music are not necessarily songs.  I hear a lot of released music that is really captivating and interesting, but I would not really call the piece a "song"

I still stand by the definition that a song is something that can be covered on a different instrument than was written for and still be recognized as the same piece of music. 

Something that is also kind of a nice thought:  just like part of the flavor is the way you smell the food before it hits your mouth - the scents are tied into taste;  I believe that the sense of touch and feel are also tied into sound.  Your ears hear and translate the vibrations, but there are many times when your body feels certain frequencies - especially in loud concerts.  I heard about deaf people hearing music through balloons once.  In fact, the thought inspired me to think of all the exhibits that I would show if I were to create a concert for the deaf or an art gallery for the blind. 

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