Wednesday, January 24, 2018

New Studio Space Ka-boom (studio over the years part 4!)

Here are some photos of the current Ka-Boom setup.  For regular readers of my blog, Ka-Boom is the name of my studio space.  In this photo, I have the camera fairly high to try and show the height and depth of the new space.  This is the modular and mono synth side of the space.

Where this is the digital and string machine side of the space.   Below the Yamaha digital piano, you can see the top of a rack which contains a EMU E4 XT ultra, a K250 RMX, and a Roland Orchestra module and a K2000.

Studios need to be organized in order to get any work done and use the equipment.  In the photo on the right, I show my wall mount solution to many small drum machines and synths that are usually too small for ultimate support tiers, but too cool and useful to hide in the back of a shelf.   I have posted other solutions to space problems and older photos of the studio progression over the years.  Please look back at previous posts for these photos.

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