Tuesday, December 6, 2016

far between posts

I apologize for not posting much lately.  The fact is, there are lots of things that I would like to share...

The Roli Seaboard Rise49 has become one of my favorite controllers.  I haven't even gone beyond the software that it came with - I have plans of controlling my Emulator E4xt ultra with it, along with all analog synths through the Encore Expressionist.

In addition to this, I did get a Korg Monologue, which I have been using live and really enjoying. 

I have been working through various designs of a portativ organ.  I don't seem to get the action right.  Every time I put it together, it is either too hard to play, or the keys are getting stuck.  I have abandoned the piano size keyboard for small, round buttons - still in the same order and still in black and white - which are more direct to the springs and action in the wind chamber of the organ. Hopefully this fixes the problems with it and I can post videos soon.

I am pretty much done mixing Ronnie Martin's new Said Fantasy record.  He was over a few days ago to listen to what I had done and make some final decisions on details.  I am happy with it and I hope that his fans will like it too.

My album, 'the death of conversation', is closer and closer to being complete.  I really love the direction of this record and I think that fans of 'the noise is only temporary' will not be disappointed.

Finally, I am moving in a few months - across the same town, but to a new home.  I will have more space to spread out the studio - which I am terribly excited about.  I will try and post pictures of the process.

This all to say - I hope to get a lot finished before the move!

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Jon. Can't wait for both Said Fantasy & The Death of Conversation. How about the Daphne Oramics album?

    Congrats on the new gear, new home, and have a very happy holiday. :)