Friday, March 20, 2015

MC-202, Master Clock, Electronic Music Studio Wiring Diagram

Even though I tell people that I have been using the Roland MC-202 as my master clock in my studio for the last 20 years, it somehow does not sink in.  Many friends - who even know some of my methods - are surprised when I press 'play' on the MC-202 and everything starts up or when I turn the tempo knob on the MC-202 and everything follows suit.  I have even heard seasoned veterans ask "what just happened?"

Let me be clear about something though - the studio has grown up around this clock idea and it started only with a few pieces of gear, connected in a similar fashion.  As the studio grew, in came the need for DIN multiples and additional sequencers for various devices. 

Well... here is a wiring diagram of the synchronization between devices in the studio. 

For more information on synchronization techniques, see my other posts on FSK or DIN sync.


  1. I noticed you use two MSQ-700s. I am looking for one myself at the moment, mainly to integrate my Juno 60 with my other MIDI gear. I have heard good things about them--what do you like about it compared to other sequencers?

  2. Yes, I have 1 broken one as well that I use for parts. I will write a new post about them. Thanks!

  3. Cool, looks like I'll be snagging one this weekend!

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