Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Albums are often influenced and shaped by the equipment used PART 2

I was asked about string machines and what equipment I was using for my Fireworks album:

All drums are Samples of Fireworks except for some distorted TR808 on "Remember".  The sampling was done in various ways.  For some of the songs, I used an Akai S20.  For others, I used wav samples in the computer and sequenced them on programs such as FL studio.  

For bass guitar, I play a modified 1968 Fender P-Bass with an additional set up pickups on it (4 total) - which is the bass that I use for everything.

String machines are a combination of:
  Moog Polymoog synthesizer version
  Roland RS-09
  Arp Solina
  Casio MT-68 - which is more of a home keyboard, but has some great tones
  Korg Lambda

Cathedral - RS-09 and Solina
Evil - choir sound for Korg Mono-Poly, organ from Kawai K5000S,
Instrumental - nearly all Solina
1994 - Solina sampled into sampler, then played through gate
Remember - vocal combination of my sampled voice and Yamaha CS20M
     during the chorus, the Lambda kicks in
Last Encounter - strings are RS-09 and Solina, with K5000S airy pads
Aside - uses a combination of MT-68, RS-09, and Solina.
Plagiarism - exclusively PolyMoog
Tiger in Winter - same as Last Encounter with added Lambda, the cello is not a sample - I played it.

There is also a fair amount of Optigan on this album.

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  1. Oh cool. My ears didn't deceive me then. Also cool to hear how much the MT-68 was featured on that song and others. I snagged one for $25 back in May and it's tons of fun...it has some of the features and rhythms of the vaunted CT-410V as well, minus the chorus. I love the percussion from it too.

    I also think the RS-09 adds a kind of gothic dimension with the organ sounds that I really like.