Monday, September 23, 2013

House of Wires Found Sessions (continued).

It occurred to me that there may be readers of this blog that have not heard any of the House of Wires Found Sessions that I wrote about in this post here

I have posted the song Listen from these sessions.  Again, I eventually will have a higher quality EP available with all 6 of the Found Session songs.


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  1. As a House of Wires fanatic, I hope to see this and the other tracks released someday. Listen is probably one of my favorite tracks alongside the Pixies cover and The Door with 1,000 Locks and Mad at the World (honestly among others lol). To think I only got into Jon's work because of the album artwork, band, album, and record label name of the then newly released You Are Obsolete record :p A fantastic move on my part... I did the exact same thing with Joy Electric's Robot Rock cassette when it came out. Anyhow, The Listen track is quite nice and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you so much for sharing. I hope there is more House of Wires awesomeness to come. Although it is quite different, your music has inspired my own :) Be well. Be safe.
    ~ A.