Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Daphne Oramics

I have known electronic musician Ronnie Martin (Joy Electric, Dance House Children, Said Fantasy, etc.) and been friends with him for a long time.  It makes sense that we finally started a collaboration.  It is called the Daphne Oramics.   A rough mix of our new song can be found here:


For this song, we tried to do everything in one take.  There are overdubs, but we want to keep everything pretty minimal as far as orchestration.  Ronnie is playing drums, I am doing most of the synths.


  1. what synths did you end up using?

  2. The bass was the Oberheim OB-1
    The lead melody throughout the song is a Yamaha CS-20M through a slight reverse delay
    The strings are doubled Korg Lambda through a tape delay
    The main lead toward the end is on the Oberheim OB-1