Friday, May 31, 2013

Travelogue Show in Akron on June 8th at RCN Cave!


Travelogue was just added to the quadraphonic show at the Rubber City Noise Cave!

Jon Sonnenberg will be performing a set tailored specifically for this venue!  Where else can you hear a live Travelogue performance in true quadraphonic sound?!!?

June 8th.  Doors open at 8:00.  $5.00 cover.

You won’t want to miss this!!

For directions or more information, please visit


  1. Do you own a sequential circuits pro one? What's your thoughts if you do? Also, can you tell me your opinion on the Korg Monopoly? Do you find it useful for anything other than experimental/otherworldly sounds?

  2. I do have a Pro-One... and a Mono/Poly. They are very different instruments. The Pro-one has more in terms of modulation routing and can be very melodic or really aggressive. The Mono/Poly has more oscillators, but less modulation options, so it sounds thicker. I have a post on the Pro-One in my blog. Perhaps I need to make a post for the Mono/Poly.

    1. Any instrument can produce very musical, melodic sounds or unworldly sounds, depending on how you use it. The Mono/Poly and the Pro One do both very types of sounds very well.

  3. Do you own a Jupiter 6 as well? I'm asking because as a big fan of your work, your opinion matters to me! I'm looking at either a pro one, a jupiter 6 or keeping my monopoly. My heart is telling me to go with the jupiter 6, but another piece is telling me just to save up for an 8. could you possibly do a jupiter 6 or an 8 post? Thanks!

  4. I don't have a Jupiter 6 but I do have a Jupiter 8 that sometimes likes to only give me 3 or 6 oscillators. I lke the space that the missing oscillators give when in arpeggio mode! Ha ha..

    If you are familliar with my Telegraph EP, that was primarily MonoPoly. The Pro One is a much more recent addition and hasn't appeared o anything except the remix of Autonomy.

  5. I was thinking, it is funny that you are comparing the Pro One with the MonoPoly because I bought the Pro One off of my friend Matt who wanted to buy a MonoPoly instead. I honestly don't think that one is better than the other.

  6. I ended up going with the Pro One. I sold my Monopoly for same exact price I purchased my pro one, so it was essentially a trade :). Apart from loving the tone, I think I scored a pretty good deal. It's a jwire keyboard, was recently fully-serviced and had its notorious crummy keyboard restored, and had a detachable power supply installed on the back. But the main reason I purchased it was for its tone; I didn't really identify with my Monopoly like I have with my other synths. I still haven't received my pro one yet, so hopefully I'll find it more useful.

    Also, I was in a bit of a financial slump because of my original Monopoly Purchase, and still am with my Pro One purchase. This is basically forcing me to sell either my beloved Minimoog Voyager Old School or my DSI Tempest. Although I see you primarily focus on vintage gear, would you be interested in either? Perhaps at some stability to your vast studio??

    Just let me know. Thanks again!