Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Plastiq Musiq Record Label.

I am writing this to be informative.
I am writing this for clarification.

Although I speak and write a lot about equipment, electronics, and synthesizers, my first love is making music. 

Although it is satisfying to make an instrument and see how it sounds, it is WAY more interesting for me to fit an instrument into a song - and besides, most of the instruments that I am making fill a gap in the sound palette or sound arsenal that I call my studio.

I am a recording artist.  I work primarily under the name Travelogue.  It is not a thing of the past - I haven't changed focus to build instruments or speak at conventions...   I only continue to make instruments, record with them, learn about them, and speak about them because I am an artist.  My experiences as an artist and vast knowledge/obsession of electronic music make me qualified to speak at synthesizer and electronic music conventions, appear in movies about synths, co-host a podcast about synthesis, etc, etc. and not the other way around. 

I am writing this because I realized on my way home from Knobcon, I never really introduce myself as Jon Sonnenberg of the band Travelogue - It is always just Jon Sonnenberg.  Many people who get to know me as a speaker of synthesizers or builder of instruments might just think that I am another music educator or synth inventor.  I am not and that is not my focus.  I am still 100% a recording artist who likes to talk about the craft. 

I am very fortunate to have most of my catalog released under Plastiq Musiq. 


Although Plastiq Musiq, or PQMQ, have changed ownership 4 times since the beginning and rise of the label, it is currently ran by 2 very close friends of mine, David Barnhart and Jacob Graham. 

Though the music industry has changed and is constantly changing, I wanted to publicly state that I love working with these friends on ideas and releases.  I appreciate their friendship and all the support that they continuously give me.  I am blown away by their friendship and kindness.

Thank you both!

I wanted to take this opportunity to point you to the PQMQ website where you can buy a lot of back catalog material and check out future releases:


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